Humanitarian Work


I love my humanitarian work and giving back, and as a result, I partnered with Himaya to #InspireChange during the last stages of my Grand Slam journey. Himaya is a Lebanese NGO that promotes child protection via fighting and preventing child abuse. I have been working with Himaya to bring attention to child protection issues, and I have partnered with the organization to make child protection rights noticable everywhere in the world. From child marriages, to child labor, and to child prostitution. I am speaking out on these issues, bringing attention to the horrors that children around the world have to face.

My project’s objectives are to:

  • Inspire children and youth to pursue their life goals.

  • Encourage people, especially children to stand in the face of fear, speak up and be resilient.

  • Raise awareness about the issue of child abuse in Lebanon.

This social impact and project’s objectives will be met through my visit as himaya’s ambassador to schools, universities, and safe spaces around Lebanon, sharing my story and upcoming journey with more than 1000 children, youth, and community members.